Thursday, October 24, 2019

can I post pics straight from Google Drive?

This is a test post to see whether I can upload pics to this blog directly from their storage area in Google Drive. My phone gives me that option, although not very well or consistently, so I never post from Drive with my phone.* Let's see whether I can show you my blood blister from October 4 (the whole thing is covered in Leukotape and, I imagine, much worse now)...

The upload, at least from this computer in Yangsan City, appears to have been successful. It's a long process for each photo as it's impossible to batch-upload pics from Drive. I'm going to go back through this blog's archives and stock every entry with ALL the photos from that entry's calendar date, but that's going to take me a while, so please be patient. What I've been trying to do, in the meantime, is upload only a small percentage of the photos taken each day so as to provide you with an impression of the day's adventures. I hope this has done the trick, but I also hope you're curious to see what you've been missing.

UPDATE: the pic doesn't show up on my cell phone, and I don't know what that means. I may have to look into this matter a bit more deeply before trying to upload pics.

*What I do, instead, is post pics to the blog directly from the phone's storage itself. Let's say I've taken 80 photos on a given day; I post maybe 10-25 of them on the blog, then via Wi-Fi, I upload all 80 pics to Google Drive so that they'll be safely stored somewhere. Then, so as not to burden my phone's already overburdened memory, I delete all 80 photos from my phone. This is why, if I want to show you the photos you missed, I have to upload them to the blog from Drive and not my phone: I've deleted them from my phone.