Monday, October 21, 2019

Day 24, Leg 20

Today is just about resting. The motel lady told me, when I texted her, that I could indeed stay put for another night, so that's one problem solved. I wandered into town to find a pharmacy and re-stock my ibuprofen; I eventually found a place that sold the high-concentration, 400-milligram tablets that I've been overdosing on.

Walking around town proved painful. My right pinky toe, the one that blistered early and is still covered in Leukotape, is a mess. I don't think it's infected yet, but I do worry about infection becoming an issue during this, my final week of walking. I'm about 100 km from my destination, and a lot can happen over the course of that distance. At least I've got my ibuprofen.

Tomorrow's walk is going to be 33 km, not 32. That's going to be brutal, but that'll also be the last time, this trip, that I have to walk over 30K in one session. I thought I saw evidence of hills when I checked the map earlier today, but nothing serious. Tomorrow's walk will take me to the Miryang Arirang Auto Campground; if I get lucky like last time (when the place had a different name), I'll camp there for free. If not, it's a W20,000 fee. Expensive, but not tragic.

After a final night of camping, I'll take two days to walk to Yangsan City. There's a yeogwan halfway to Yangsan called the Nakdong River Motel, and I'll be shacking up there. By doing this, I divide a 38K hike into two 19K hikes. I'll stay at Yangsan for two nights, then bop into Busan on Saturday. After an overnight stay, I'll eat lunch with a friend and his family in Masan on Sunday, then bus back up to Seoul. That won't leave me much time to rest before I go back to work on Monday, but I'll probably refrain from any distance walking for at least a week once I'm back in the world.

A few pics from today's stroll:

The above is a shot through a screened window on my motel's fifth floor.

A local exercise park:

The neighborhood is a mix of new and old, with plenty of concrete being used to solve all manner of engineering problems:

There's a story in this somewhere:

Alleyway to mystery:

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